Tuesday, February 17, 2009



At first it was scary...like this guy...

And then, after a bit of hesitation, I finally was able to suck it up and get this bad boy going.
I don't really have a recipe, but I used the internet and various calls to my mom as my reference and came up with the following:

wash chicken, look inside it to check for stuff
rub it with butter (creeeepy)
season it with lots of salt, pepper and chicken rub
toss it in a pan (or dish) and cover it loosely with tinfoil and roast it at 350 degrees and 20 minutes per pound. (mine was just over 4lbs and took about just under 2 hours)

No basting, (good because I don't have a turkey baster)
I did tie the legs together with dental floss though because do you think I could find a piece of sting anywhere? no. So I like to think I am the Macgyver of chicken making.

Anyways, long story short...chicken was awesome and super moist (hate that word)

I also made mashed potatoes and I even made gravy with the juices from the chicken.

Notice the lack of any vegetables. This was truly a Lars meal (Lars only eats brown stuff)

thanks to my mom (maker of amazing chicken) for helping me via the telephone!

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  1. I hope it was mint flavoured dental floss

    chicken looks awesome!