Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's talk about Pancakes

AND WHY I HATE THEM...Pancakes are such garbage. They LOOK good, but it's all a TRICK ..... You eat one, and it's like "Yeah OK, that was alright, a big, dry cake-y thing saturated in syrup.....ahhh...I guess I'll go for another"...and then it just spirals out of control, and before you know it, you are lying in a pool of syrup, and Aunt Jemima is jamming the syringe to your arm like a junkie in an alley, sweat, beading off of her kerchief...!!!

Ok so I went a little off the wall there,(Im almost seriously considering writing a novel about Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben being shifty big-city types) but seriously, Pancakes always seem like a good idea, but what the hell do they do in your stomach? Triple in size? I could eat 2 of those things and almost immediately, I feel like absolute crap, it's like a pancake hangover. Everybody I know says the same thing! Pancakes are trickery!! Nobody feels good after pancakes. It's a proven scientific fact. (If I was a scientist and proved stuff). If Im out for breakfast and I overhear some idiot ordering a giant stack of pancakes, I almost want to scream out "YOU IDIOT....WHAT ABOUT WAFFLES..OR FRENCH TOAST??? UGH...YOU A WASTE OF SKIN!". Yes, I am passionate about my pancake hating, and may infact, suffer from PANCAKE INDUCED RAGE. (CAPS LOCK MAKES IT ANGRIER!!!!@#$%) .

Ahh...Ok that was my insane rant of the year. Not bad. Im pretty laid back, except when it comes to pancakes.

Crepes however, are delightful.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I am alive, I swear.

wow, havent updated in foreverrrrr.

I HAVE made a few successful meals, one is on the fence, and that would be the tortilla soup I threw together last night. SOMETHING is missing, but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it just needed some shredded chicken...or cheese? Do people make soup with cheese?? Anyways, the reason I made soup, was because I discovered that the lovely giant stainless steel rice cooker we got as a wedding gift, also doubles as a slow cooker/crock pot! I love me some 2-in 1's. I didnt take any pics of the soup, as my camera battery was dead (pro tip: don't accidentally leave your camera on for 3 days..oops).
Here's a pic of tortilla soup that I stole care of google image search.
OK well I guess that answers my question about the cheese situation. Crap. Also mine is not RED like that. What in gods name did I do wrong?? ah well. I only have a metric ton of soup to polish off. Great.
Bah. Next time I going to post the fabulous salmon I made. Also Easter is coming up and I will definitely be making cookies., safe cookies.