Monday, June 27, 2011

latest finds

AMAZING red dresser/new TV stand/birthday gift from my mother in law!! LOVE! LOVE!

big mirror for my hallway, *don't be hatin on my mustached front door y'all

little retro clock/timer

rotary phone like the one from my childhood! $30

vintage jadeite and milk glass mugs

I should stop buying things...

Monday, June 20, 2011

rest in peace little friend.

photo jacked from my brother!

Today we said goodbye to our little minnie. after 17 years of watching my brother and I grow up, move out of the house and still come back for sunday dinners, she will be dearly missed on those days.

She was my very first kitten, she had a scratchy meow, and we adored her. <3

I hope my mom can relax now, knowing she is not in pain and not having to face the stress of worrying about her anymore. While the loss of a sick pet is always painful, I understand and lived through the strange relief that comes with it when it's over.

Friday, June 17, 2011


aftermath of the riot.

vancouver had its own therapy session all over the boarded up storefronts. it was heartbreaking but so healing to read the messages written.

and on another note I might as well add some photos because its been a while!

I inherited some vintage circus posters from my aunt who is downsizing. They have been in the family for years. I love them!

and lastly....why everyone should own a ragdoll kitty...

all love.