Friday, October 23, 2009

vidjea game makers!

So this is fully non-related to food/baking posting, but it's a big thing in my life! Billy graduated yesterday from the game design program at vancouver film school! He managed to graduate with honors at the top of his class, and NEVER missed a single day of classes, despite having a close to 2 hour commute every day! That's how he rolls, he is serious and actually can't give any less than 200%, it's almost ridiculous. But I'm not gonna complain, because it's a quality that I WISH I had!!
I have to say that it was sincerely a pleasure to get to know the guys(and girl! hi Courtney!) in this class, and I think they will remain in our lives, even the ones that have to leave, thanks to facebook and stuff like that! So yay for technology.
Anyways, Im super proud of them all, and how great of a photo is this? We went out to celebrate last night and I am feeling a little rough today..ehhh. Two Double ceasars + 2 jaeger shots + 2 pints of beer = I hug EVERYBODY (eh, I'm a really happy drunk girl,and people generally are ok with the hugging) and a severe hangover.

Moving on, Sunday is my last day of cake school! boo!! (I love calling it cake school for some reason, I will miss that!) I'm bummed, because it has been really great learning all of the (sometimes frustrating) techniques, and sitting and chatting with the girls and guy in class. BUT I am going to like having my Sundays back again.

Tomorrow we (us and a bunch of guys from vfs) are going to Bellingham to consume some delicious Mexican fare and take a peek around the always epic, Bellingham walmart. Very reminiscent of this

Should be lovely.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

who wants a 1986 grandma cake?

SO last class we learned BASKETWEAVE icing techniques. Uh....ok. Not my favorite.

My cake looks pretty rough. The icing was stale and totally overused by the time I got it done.
thanks to amanda for the pic of this hideous creation!

Next class I have to bring a huge batch of royal icing, so I am anticipating fun things, hopefully not daisies though. Damn you daisies!!!! *shakes fist*

Billy graduates NEXT WEEK. I feel like this year has flown by,'s so bizarre. I am attending his graduation ceremony/reception thing at VFS on Thursday, Im sure there will be some entertaining things to happen.

Monday, October 12, 2009

well hello there,

well...what do we have here?..

Meet my new best friend... I just got him out of the box and he helped me make these:

and I love him so. His delightful pumpkin coloring, his shiny metal bowl, his EASY to clean-ness.
I hope to keep him around for many years! <3

Saturday, October 3, 2009

first EVER bakers market!

So my venture into 'cupcakery' went pretty well! The baker's market was really cute and it was cool to talk to the other vendors and meet them (AND try their stuff!! mm).

I made just over 80 cupcakes, took me about 8 hours start to finish, hand decorating each one nearly killed me. BUT I did it. The only problem? I should have made WAY MORE.

Yes, I SOLD OUT awkwardly early into the day, but hey, learning curve right?

It was my first time so, meh. I was really surprised they went so fast, and really happy about it, I was totally all "Debbie Downer" thinking that I would have to lug like, 60 cupcakes home with me, because who would want to buy cupcakes from some random girl with cute cake boxes? Turns out, people like my cupcakes, like my cute cake boxes and really liked my logo! Yay!

My table partner/cake school acquaintance/new facebook friend Maureen did really well too, she also sold out! I did a trade and swapped one of mine for one of her red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting..OMG.

I received visits from Dean, Katherine and Lars, whom all made a purchase too! Thanks guys, i heart u. was the host of the bakers market, it's owned by Connie.
Connie hooks you UP. For real. AMAZING stuff. Im obsessed with stationary and cards, I almost passed out at the amazing little cards and favors. Kinda made me want to get married again.
(To the same guy of course..ha)

some more pics!