Thursday, October 15, 2009

who wants a 1986 grandma cake?

SO last class we learned BASKETWEAVE icing techniques. Uh....ok. Not my favorite.

My cake looks pretty rough. The icing was stale and totally overused by the time I got it done.
thanks to amanda for the pic of this hideous creation!

Next class I have to bring a huge batch of royal icing, so I am anticipating fun things, hopefully not daisies though. Damn you daisies!!!! *shakes fist*

Billy graduates NEXT WEEK. I feel like this year has flown by,'s so bizarre. I am attending his graduation ceremony/reception thing at VFS on Thursday, Im sure there will be some entertaining things to happen.


  1. THAT is a hideous cake, oh my god ughhhh, just the basket part.

  2. oh too bad, I was planning this cake for your next birthday. Except with a cat/unicorn hybrid perched on the side..there goes my 90+ hours of planning and sketches. PSH