Sunday, November 28, 2010

random photos

love my city

it's true..

pretty colors.

what a ridiculous little face! I <3 him.

festivus for the rest of us.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

snow = weekend projects

woke up to this silent winter scene!

moose was super interested in the crows hanging out on the power lines out front.

-made candied pecans on friday night! yum. recipe here

-painted my boring wood ikea kitchen cart a pretty green, had a great day shopping main street with Chelsea and Amanda.

-Checked out lots of antique and thrift shops, got free coffee at McDonalds (I LOVE their coffee, so very "drinkable")

- tomorrow is mandatory laundry and cleaning day.
I kind of feel like I miiiiiiight be getting sick, I have been going full steam for weeks now,
feeling a bit run down...maybe I will rest tomorrow!

hope everybody is having a nice weekend :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bathroom Makeover!

BEFORE: glossy blue paint on 80 year old crooked plaster walls? Former Tenant FAIL!

AFTER: looks waaaay cleaner and although I loved the old black and white floor, it was in really bad shape and was coming apart pretty badly. Originally I DID want to paint the walls a color, a little more interesting than taupe, but logically, i switch things around a lot, I need a neutral wall.
As busy as I am these days, this took me a long time to get done, (It's still not finished, I need to paint the top of the room!!! 10 foot ceilings: bit of a challenge)

This is the soon-to-be theme of the bathroom: creepy kitty paintings. I'm on the hunt when I get some spare time. this particular one is perfection.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my friend, the jewelry designer!

My good friend Amy (also known as Amis since grade 9)
got her website up and running now!
(done by yours truly! ahhhh! my first time setting up one of these things!)

ch-ch-check it out.

Her pieces are nature inspired and lovely, and she is incredibly talented!

I have some of her stuff and it is stunning, she did up a silver necklace for me with a silver pendant cut in the shape of the state of Alaska, people constantly ask me about it!! It's amazing.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Becoming Burlesque!

My boss and I went to support a co-worker and check out her burlesque debut last night!
We had some wine and appetizers at her place, then we called/hailed about a billion cabs to take us out to east van.

It was SO impressive. It was incredibly refreshing to see normal girls shake their things and totally own it (In PASTIES, no less!) and the costumes were stunning! (I want a sparkly bra!!! waaahh!!)

Their performances were fantastic, each of them creative, funny, sexy and really well done and all earned foot stomping, hooting, whistling applause!

I didn't take any pictures unfortunately, as I was not allowed any flash photography, it was dimly lit, and my iphone camera just didn't do it justice.

It was really a great experience though and I am definitely looking forward to going to another show in the near future! We talked about bringing the boys next time :)