Friday, November 19, 2010

Bathroom Makeover!

BEFORE: glossy blue paint on 80 year old crooked plaster walls? Former Tenant FAIL!

AFTER: looks waaaay cleaner and although I loved the old black and white floor, it was in really bad shape and was coming apart pretty badly. Originally I DID want to paint the walls a color, a little more interesting than taupe, but logically, i switch things around a lot, I need a neutral wall.
As busy as I am these days, this took me a long time to get done, (It's still not finished, I need to paint the top of the room!!! 10 foot ceilings: bit of a challenge)

This is the soon-to-be theme of the bathroom: creepy kitty paintings. I'm on the hunt when I get some spare time. this particular one is perfection.

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