Sunday, November 14, 2010

Becoming Burlesque!

My boss and I went to support a co-worker and check out her burlesque debut last night!
We had some wine and appetizers at her place, then we called/hailed about a billion cabs to take us out to east van.

It was SO impressive. It was incredibly refreshing to see normal girls shake their things and totally own it (In PASTIES, no less!) and the costumes were stunning! (I want a sparkly bra!!! waaahh!!)

Their performances were fantastic, each of them creative, funny, sexy and really well done and all earned foot stomping, hooting, whistling applause!

I didn't take any pictures unfortunately, as I was not allowed any flash photography, it was dimly lit, and my iphone camera just didn't do it justice.

It was really a great experience though and I am definitely looking forward to going to another show in the near future! We talked about bringing the boys next time :)

1 comment:

  1. That is awesome...have you heard of Nippies? Instead of a sparkly bra, you can rock some sequin stars! Glad you had a good time at the show, sounds like fun!