Thursday, June 17, 2010

what's the deal with primer?

face primer.

sure I have seen it in magazines, mentioned in how-to's, watched it being applied on makeover shows, yet, never tried it myself.

I happened to acquire a sample of one such primer whilst at a spree at Sephora the other day.

Too Faced's "Primed and Poreless"

I am in love. It is not heavy AT ALL, its much different than foundation or concealer, you can't see it on your face, it felt like velvet and it did actually make my pores seem to disappear, giving me flawless looking skin. I didn't apply it all over my face, only in a few key areas, I love love love this product. You only need a little bit at a time, so I am definitely going to purchase the full size.

I'm not sure how I all of a sudden delved into the world of makeup review, but meh, I'll just go with it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

+ 1 year.

Today is my birthday!
I don't really get into my own birthday, I have never had a party for myself or really done anything, friends have, parents did when I was little (I even had a magician at my 5th birthday party, oh yeah), I love going for other people's birthdays and celebrating, but for my own, I think I like being low key. Might do dinner or something tomorrow night when everybody is around and I can invite people today without it feeling last minute.

I bought myself a little birthday present after work yesterday, I went to H+M and to Sephora after that. Since I am going to high tea on Sunday at the Fairmont with my ladies (so excited!), I got myself a cute lady-like skirt, a really fun headband, which I'm going to rock today to work, because it's pizza and beer day of course, I love it with messy hair. It's similar to the one below. But cuter, trust me. Then, at Sephora, I got the prettiest pink lipgloss ever. It's the perfect, pale, but not freaky-barbie-paris hilton-old lady pink. It's a GOOD pink. It's by Tarina Tarintino, and I couldnt find a pic of the exact shade, but it's called Pom Pom. It is lovely! And although I love me some MAC products, this one is far less sticky than Mac's lipglass.

I was inspired by my incredibly gorgeous, fashionable, super-mom of 2- (and fellow gemini!) friend Kristen's lip gloss I saw in a photo on facebook, and I actually texted her whilst in Sephora to ask the name, alas, they didnt carry the brand, but I saw this one and thought it was a close second, and decided to get it anyways! This is so not the color, but you get the idea.

Have a great weekend! xo

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

shoes, one true love.......sorry husband.

Shoes of the moment! Let's start with the ones I do have, shall we?
I bought these cute blue ones to wear to our friends Dan & Sarah's wedding in Portland! Love!
I asked permission from my dear friend Valerie before I bought these ones...she bought them first! Now we have to consult each other before events to make sure we don't become shoe twins.
These will be my next victims!! I adore these, and I love the grey/bone color. Im going back for these ones next! SO CUTE with cropped pants or cuffed jeans. Ugh! Dying of cuteness.

annnnnd... the totally financially un-attainable ones!! These Diane Von Fustenberg wedges make me want to cry. So lovely! And I can imagine how nice the leather feels, I'm a "man-made materials" kind of girl, but once in a while, leather shoes...ohh....yes please.