Thursday, June 17, 2010

what's the deal with primer?

face primer.

sure I have seen it in magazines, mentioned in how-to's, watched it being applied on makeover shows, yet, never tried it myself.

I happened to acquire a sample of one such primer whilst at a spree at Sephora the other day.

Too Faced's "Primed and Poreless"

I am in love. It is not heavy AT ALL, its much different than foundation or concealer, you can't see it on your face, it felt like velvet and it did actually make my pores seem to disappear, giving me flawless looking skin. I didn't apply it all over my face, only in a few key areas, I love love love this product. You only need a little bit at a time, so I am definitely going to purchase the full size.

I'm not sure how I all of a sudden delved into the world of makeup review, but meh, I'll just go with it.

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