Friday, June 11, 2010

+ 1 year.

Today is my birthday!
I don't really get into my own birthday, I have never had a party for myself or really done anything, friends have, parents did when I was little (I even had a magician at my 5th birthday party, oh yeah), I love going for other people's birthdays and celebrating, but for my own, I think I like being low key. Might do dinner or something tomorrow night when everybody is around and I can invite people today without it feeling last minute.

I bought myself a little birthday present after work yesterday, I went to H+M and to Sephora after that. Since I am going to high tea on Sunday at the Fairmont with my ladies (so excited!), I got myself a cute lady-like skirt, a really fun headband, which I'm going to rock today to work, because it's pizza and beer day of course, I love it with messy hair. It's similar to the one below. But cuter, trust me. Then, at Sephora, I got the prettiest pink lipgloss ever. It's the perfect, pale, but not freaky-barbie-paris hilton-old lady pink. It's a GOOD pink. It's by Tarina Tarintino, and I couldnt find a pic of the exact shade, but it's called Pom Pom. It is lovely! And although I love me some MAC products, this one is far less sticky than Mac's lipglass.

I was inspired by my incredibly gorgeous, fashionable, super-mom of 2- (and fellow gemini!) friend Kristen's lip gloss I saw in a photo on facebook, and I actually texted her whilst in Sephora to ask the name, alas, they didnt carry the brand, but I saw this one and thought it was a close second, and decided to get it anyways! This is so not the color, but you get the idea.

Have a great weekend! xo

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  1. I meant to mention today that I really liked your headband..."I really like your headband!"