Thursday, January 27, 2011

Live in Canada? I urge you to sign this

They are trying to cap our internet usage, and that aint cool. Don't make me move to the US, Canada!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

happy monday!

Apparently today is the "Most Depressing Day of The Year".
Bah! Not in my hood.
Billy helped me hang up my Ikea rail system.
I'm planning on calling it "monorail!....monorail!"
*simpsons nerds holla!!*

It's great though, I'm almost trying to seek out things I can hang up. My shelves are slowly emptying!

It's day one of eating better also. Decided to start my resolutions this year a lot later than normal. Why not right? We shall see. I loves me some candy...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

the cutest home invader ever.

uh oh
*image care of google, but this is exactly the darling little face we are dealing with. He is SO TINY, how could we hurt this?

I'll start from the beginning...
On the morning of January 1st, Billy was sitting at his desk in the computer room, and out of nowhere, this little guy comes wandering up to his steaming plate of french toast that is sitting on the desk, waiting to be eaten. Billy calmly exclaims "THERE IS A MOUSE IN HERE,.. ON MY DESK"

So immediately we close the office door, hustle the cat (Moose, obviously, the other cat probably befriended the damn mouse) in with us and tell him to "GO GET IT!!!". Now, I didn't want the cat to hurt the mouse, just to corner it so we could nab him safely.

It worked perfectly, it was like Moose read our minds: he simply chased the mouse out, cornered him without any injury, we got the little guy into a box, walked across the street to the high school (train tracks, lots of grass to hide in! heaven for a mouse right?!) released him, did the most epic high five ever and went home without a thought of him coming back! ALL WAS GOOD!! YAY! Peta would never throw flour on us! We saved a mouse!


I DID plug up a few spots where I thought he may have gotten in, and I did not do a good job, as he managed to dig right back through. SIGH.
I have re-plugged every hole and tiny crack with steel wool (pro tip: mice only need 1/4 inch to crawl through! ack!) and Moose is doing his job of checking the entire perimeter of the house, cupboards and closets included, every 20 minutes when i tell him to "GO GET IT!"

Crossing my fingers that I have plugged the mouse out of the house and that Moose will not find him before we do. If anybody has any cruelty free tips, send them my way!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


oh hi!

Is this sign not amazing? I AM OBSESSED with this shop on etsy: Oh Dier. here
I'm totally going to order one of these when the husband scores a new job (Interviews are happening folks! cross your internet fingers)

It's been a month since I last posted anything! LAME. I know. Work was crazy in the weeks leading up the New Years Eve, had to do some mandatory customer service phone duty on the 30th and 31st, and it should have been awful, but it was actually fun! I am so lucky I work in such an awesome place.

we had some friends over before christmas to play microsoft knect. Here is Chelsea busting out some roger rabbit in my living room to some dancing game.

Had a super quiet NYE with some friends, Amanda made a Mexican feast and we dug in and it was lovely. Exactly what I wanted to do. SIT and eat. I had a beer in the office, said happy new year to everybody, raced home and we high tailed it to Amanda and Justin's place.

We have a new puppy at work! Minnie! Here I am awkwardly trying to hold her. She is a yorkie/chihuahua and she is teeny and so silky, I hog her from everybody else.

Been organizing and changing things around in the apartment, the bathroom is coming along nicely! I'm on the lookout for a sweet new mirror, and as soon as we are back to being a 2 income household again, it's NEW-COUCH CITY: Population ME.

I am dreaming of an amazing grey velvet mid century square wonder with tufted buttons and the type of cushions that never sag and get all smashed-looking from the cats. SIGH.
HELLO: all of these....

Said dream couch likely costs thousands. I wish I was handier and could have the "balls" to attempt re-upholstering something. I know you can take a course, but it seems like soooo much work.

Big ideas never stop though! I can deal with that.