Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have moved over to the tumblr world my friends! 
Please update if you want to follow along, there will be much more posting, 
as tumblr seems to actually let me use my iphone! Hooray!


2012 obsession: yellow and geography.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

january 2012!

happy super belated new year!
here's a few of my recent home additions/makeover projects!

old wooden crate from this amazing store on west 4th! http://www.stepback.ca/

some great movie prints for Billy's office, courtesy of a great artist named Matt Owen http://brickhut.wordpress.com/
I read his wife's blog, she has a love of turquoise like me: http://mabelshouse.blogspot.com/

I got this le creuset kettle for Christmas from the husband, I LOVE it and its cheery red color.

I scored these super cute salt & pepper shakers at a weird vintage flea
night market in gastown a couple weeks ago.

NEW LAPTOP! Courtesy of my awesome work, who heard my cries of despair with my old one

Project Bedroom!
I decided it was time to finally start a few things in this sadly neglected room of ours.
Some typeography art for above the bed kind of freshened up the place to start...

then, I decided to tackle the bedside tables!
*fun fact: i bought these when I was 16 at Ikea with my mom, they were pine, and like $15 each.
I then proceeded to stain them orange for some reason. My parents just shrugged and probably were relieved that
I'd rather paint furniture in the backyard instead of getting drunk behind London Drugs. That came later. HA

from boring, practical brown to sunshiney yellow!

Getting there! The room was too messy for a full shot, but baby steps people, baby steps.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

i'm BACK.

my boys!

WOW Its been an awfully long time since I updated this bad boy.. APOLOGIES to anyone who has checked it,...if you are still around :)

Thought Id start off with some show and tell! Flea Market Finds Since September and other random photos and projects!

$2.00 Vintage table cloth with my fave colors

Some lovely old colored glass jars above!

an interesting old bottle, i really liked the graphics on it.

an old railroad lantern that was hung in railway cars

project: painted the coffee table with chalkboard paint!

A tiny tin bear! I loved him!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


driving through the desert
lunch at Duarte's Tavern

Super old timey bar in the middle of nowhere

Billy singing a slow rendition of Tupac's "California"


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

of course I did.

Yeah. Guess what color?

Today was errand day! I managed to work in the morning, go to a dentist appointment, come home, work for an hour, then walk down the street with my cat in a carrier to her vet appointment, then come home, work some more.

Then I napped. HARD. While watching Storage Wars, which BTW is my favorite guilty pleasure show. Oh.. aside from Teen Mom and Jersey Shore of course. I'm classy like that.

And then it was Thursday! This week is flying by! Only 8 days till California!

Random Awesomeness: Every Saturday until October, there is a farmers market across the STREET FROM MY HOUSE.. ehfdufejhgfuwerjf!!!!
Last week we walked over and I got local berries, peas, organic sourdough bread, homemade cookies, ate tacos and had agave sweetened lemonade. Hippie deliciousness!
Every week the vendors will rotate so I'm excited to check it out again!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Holy CRAP!!!!


I'M KIND OF freaking out. I never thought my apartment would get featured. WTF!
So cool!!!!!!