Wednesday, August 10, 2011

of course I did.

Yeah. Guess what color?

Today was errand day! I managed to work in the morning, go to a dentist appointment, come home, work for an hour, then walk down the street with my cat in a carrier to her vet appointment, then come home, work some more.

Then I napped. HARD. While watching Storage Wars, which BTW is my favorite guilty pleasure show. Oh.. aside from Teen Mom and Jersey Shore of course. I'm classy like that.

And then it was Thursday! This week is flying by! Only 8 days till California!

Random Awesomeness: Every Saturday until October, there is a farmers market across the STREET FROM MY HOUSE.. ehfdufejhgfuwerjf!!!!
Last week we walked over and I got local berries, peas, organic sourdough bread, homemade cookies, ate tacos and had agave sweetened lemonade. Hippie deliciousness!
Every week the vendors will rotate so I'm excited to check it out again!

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  1. nice story, hope you get the best of your day on the next week dear, regards