Tuesday, June 1, 2010

shoes, ...my one true love.......sorry husband.

Shoes of the moment! Let's start with the ones I do have, shall we?
I bought these cute blue ones to wear to our friends Dan & Sarah's wedding in Portland! Love!
I asked permission from my dear friend Valerie before I bought these ones...she bought them first! Now we have to consult each other before events to make sure we don't become shoe twins.
These will be my next victims!! I adore these, and I love the grey/bone color. Im going back for these ones next! SO CUTE with cropped pants or cuffed jeans. Ugh! Dying of cuteness.

annnnnd... the totally financially un-attainable ones!! These Diane Von Fustenberg wedges make me want to cry. So lovely! And I can imagine how nice the leather feels, I'm a "man-made materials" kind of girl, but once in a while, leather shoes...ohh....yes please.


  1. I posted that last pair months ago on my blog. I fell in love with them right away. What are the chances that we will both own them? Pretty slim probably :)