Wednesday, May 19, 2010

things I love right now

cute lady-like shoes

green + cute purse = want

lovely summer wedges that I can actually walk and work in

grey walls

white milk glass..I will be scouring thrift shops this summer.


pretty mirrors


  1. love!
    i need to come see your PLACE!!!!

  2. I think I love everything that you love. You have a great sense of style and such pretty things. Let's go shopping this summer! I love love love the white vases, the mirror, and your lamps are both fantastic (bedside + floor lamp in living room. Where are they from? We are lamp shopping right now and I am coming up emptyhanded.

  3. Ohhh lamps! Those pictures are not my place sadly, they are just my inspiration-random-internet photos. However, TARGET has a dreamy selection of lamps if you ever head town to Bellingham! We just have ikea ones, they are nice though, I still like them.