Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cake School!

This is one of my cakes! I enrolled in cake decorating classes on a whim one day in the summer, and I had my first class last week. It was great, The class is full of people in their 20's and 30's, so no grandmas wanting to make those ugly doll cakes I have nightmares about, you know the kind

Anyways, We have only just started. but we ended the class last week with learning how to construct a rose. HARD.... RIDICULOUSLY HARD. I failed at this, but I know it will take a long time to master it. A girl in my class is holding a bakers market next month, Im considering maybe renting a table, but I'd like to split it with somebody! So Im looking!

Also...HUGE NEWS......I just ordered a kitchen aid mixer!!!! (GIRLISH SHRIEK!!!!!)
I wanted a red one ideally, but I found a display model on and it is orange! So cute! I heart!!! It was a STEAL. They cost about $499 plus taxes and shipping on the kitchen aid site, and I got this one for $223.00 and that includes shipping to Point Roberts. I guess I better tell Billy's mom that it will be showing up sometime next week at her door! SO EXCITING. I have wanted one of these FOR-EVERRRR, and have been pricing them out since August, so needless to say I am doing a happy dance when I think about it's loveliness gracing my kitchen.

I will try and update more as I go through the course, it's early on, so not much to tell.
I have to bring in an 8" iced cake and 8 cupcakes to class on Sunday, as well as 3 containers of different consistency buttercream icings AND my class tool kit. Did I mention that I take a bus, skytrain and have to walk 3 blocks to my class? Yeah. Going to be a challenge for sure.

In other news, not much has been going on, Billy is almost done school, which is crazy to me. I like the friends he has made at school and I hope they continue to stay in contact if they all end up leaving Vancouver, I think he is part of a really good class.

We have gotten hooked on Mad Men as of lately, such a good show. We spent a few sundays watching back to back eposides and catching up. I also learned that my mom watches the show religiously, had no idea. I love the clothes and the furniture. We are going to be characters from it for Halloween, Im going to be Joan and Billy is going to be Roger Sterling

Im looking around for a red wig. Not dying my hair :P

I loooooove halloween and I love fall in general! So excited! Hope we find a fun event this year.

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  1. thanks for posting your cake, it was lovely. But I'm really into the doll cake, just saying...