Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WOW...uh...I'm a bit late. AWKWARRRRD...

So I lied to you all when I said "COMING SOON". Bet you didn't think SOON was equivalent to OVER A MONTH. Sorry. I have no good excuse, only the fact that it is still summer, and I have either been:

a.) Out, doin stuff
b.) playing too much bejewelled.


"Irish Carbomb" aka Bailey's and Guiness CUPCAKES!!
These were so fun, we went to a beer themed birthday party (the host brews his own and it was just overall fantastic, his hefewiezen (sp.?) was something you'd stab somebody for, it was THAT GOOD.

I basically adapted this recipe here but omitted the whiskey and changed it up a little by actually adding a can of guinness to the cupcake batter itself instead of the traditional wet ingredients.

The frosting I followed to a tee. I didnt use the chocolate ganache filling because I thought they would be sweet enough on their own. Yes.

Ahh. All done. If I had more time I would have searched for my decorating bag and star tip to frost them all pretty-like, but I was un-organized (gasp!) and therefore had to resort to using a knife and doing it up old school.

I didnt write the recipe out because I linked to it if you so desire to make these :)

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