Tuesday, May 19, 2009

what i have been doing (hint: it's not cooking)

...painting telephone poles!

These photos make me think I have hung them too high, but in real life they are pretty low. Im going to have to do some checking here.
Yeah, we have been doing a LOT of bbq-ing, thus my blog has been quiet, I figure nobody needs to see the 18th bloated veggie dog I have eaten this month. It's not impressive looking.

Amanda and I went to the vancouver flea market and looked around. One man proceeded to show us every single item he was selling, and said nothing other than this one phrase: "And look at this......and look at this......and look at this".Im not sure if it was the only english he knew, but we made an extremely awkward exit. Then it was off to Ikea, and then to Micheal's...we were feeling ambitious. All of this took place before noon. I didn't find anything at the flea market this time, Amanda bought some prints from a dark graphic novel to frame and hang, and then we found 5$ black frames at Micheals. It was a steal. I bought canvases and came home and starting cranking out these babies. Dean had suggested that I do some big ones, and connect the wires. Good plan my friend, I'm going to do more someday.

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